美國「波士頓動力」(Boston Dynamics)發佈新機械人「野貓」(WildCat)

  由美國「波士頓動力」(Boston Dynamics)花了約一年時間研發的「野貓」(WildCat) 機械人,透過內置電源運作,動作模仿印度豹,懂飛奔和跳躍,能在不同地形以時速 25.6公里行駛。研發商稱,「野貓」將可協助人類救火、重建災區、耕作及支援軍事行動。

Four-legged, DARPA-funded, running war robot unveiled
October 05, 2013

Above: screenshot from youtube video by BostonDynamics

Developers at Boston Dynamics, an engineering company specializing in robotics, have released video of an untethered robot capable of standing and mobilizing on its own.

WildCat is a four-legged outdoor runner capable of rising, turning, and reaching running speeds up to 16 mph on flat ground.

WildCat is a close cousin to Boston Dynamics’ Cheetah, another quadrupedal robot that was unveiled a year ago, running at speeds over 28 mph on a treadmill - quicker than world’s fastest man Usain Bolt's top speed of 27.78 mph. However, unlike WildCat, Cheetah was connected to a power source.

The runner carries a large - and very loud - motor to operate its four limbs, though the weight hampers its speed and agility.

Boston Dynamics has not detailed what is next for WildCat, but it is known to have been developed for military use, as the project is part of the Maximum Mobility and Manipulation Program funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA.

Introducing WildCat


  還記得Boston Dynamics為美軍研制的世界最先進人形機械人--Atlas「阿特拉斯」--於在今年 7月亮相,加上美國發佈新的規定:2015年前 1/3 地面戰鬥將使用機械人(註1),今次公佈的機械人,除可協助人類救火、重建災區外,會用在地面戰鬥嗎?



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